At my old job I didn’t start work til 830am and since there’s never parking at the hospital I’d get there early and have breakkie before work.

Kills two birds with one stone saves me getting up half an hour earlier to prepare breakkie at home. Plus the only decent food the hospital cafeteria have is their breakkie.

Kind of miss it as it’s nice just sitting there eating, chatting to my co-workers.

Now working in the private sector there’s no time for breakkie. I start at 730am, it’s a mad rush when I work the morning shift.

My alarm goes off at 615am by 645am I have to be out of the house. Showered, changed , breakkie prep and eaten .

The hospital is a 20 minutes drive away and a 10 minutes walk in plus a 5 minutes loo trip.

Which leaves me 10 minutes leeway if there’s a train going by and the boom gates are down or to move the car blocking my car. We only have a carport so two cars parallel and a car out the back.

Nowadays breakkie is a quickie, toast and an instant before I leave. If I’m in a rush I’d pop them in the car and have them whilst I’m driving.

Today is the first time in weeks that I could just sit and enjoy my coffee and the paper.

Drove down early this morning to my hidey hole. Now that coffee is sorted I’m off to have a shower then will walk to a cafe to have a nice breakkie.

After that will hit the beach for a long overdue beach walk.