Had a wonderful dream last night or more like early this morning.

I was at a wedding and Aubergine and his wife were there . They were sitting at the next table to us.

I was amazed as he was topless and sweaty . I felt like what a coincidence that both of us living on opposite corners of the earth were present at the same wedding and sitting at tables next to each other.

Then the next bit of the wedding I was called to somewhere else. Someone wanted me to be their pretend girlfriend and well I laughed and the secret came  out.

After that it went down hill as tried to get back to my table only to find Aubergine and his wife gone.

I nick named him Aubergine after my favourite food eggplant . To me he was probably the first guy that was on the same wavelength as me.

We were foolishly in love. Everyone told me I was silly for you can’t be in love with someone you’ve never met.

He was wiser. He cut it off. We did meet in the end. He was right , we’d never would have made it.

The distance , the countries , the families , the duties, the obligations.

We’d be buried underneath all of that. Our love wasn’t meant to be like that . I learnt to find comfort in knowing he was there.

And that day I decided to stop seeking the unattainable. The same wavelength crap.