It’s been a long day but a good one. I left home around 515am to drive down here. Grabbing coffee just before my hidey hole.

Didn’t end up having breakkie until near 1030am. I’m usually quite shy eating out alone but today made an effort and tried out a new cafe. Their serve was just right for me. I requested fried eggs as they had poached eggs on the menu.

Good old country hospitality, a star in my book for that yummy butter dripping away.

Then I drove to the beach. Usually it’s a 12 minutes walk but it’s rubbish day today and I didn’t fancy walking amongst the bins.
To make up for it I left my car at the car park  and walked to the next suburb across the bridge about 3kms away.

The beach devoid of the holiday crowd. Only locals out and about. So had it pretty much to myself and lots of blue bottles.

Had a lovely browse at all the boutiques across the bridge and then bought a scoop of rum and raisin to have on the way back.

It was a hard slog back to my car this way through the dunes. The sun was burningly hot for a 21C day.

After an afternoon nap and a cool shower I ordered take away for dinner.
Guess what I had for dinner? 

Will drive home later on tonight when the roads are less busy.

Feeling rejuvenated ready for another week.

I’m aiming to come down here every 1-2 weeks, now that the weather is better.
Was thinking whilst I was sitting at my favourite steps how lucky I am to be part of such a lovely place.