I tend to use my avatar for my pages. I love what it depicts. A beach bum and that’s pretty much me. Someone that wanders in mind and body .

Yesterday I had a FB message from someone I know. I asked how did he find me? He replied I just popped up.

Then I remembered I’d just changed my profile photo to a headshot. So of course he recognised me.

I’m still undecided whether I should add him or not. He’s a gentle soul yet outwardly he doesn’t look it. Tattoos everywhere .

Part of me doesn’t give a hoot what people thinks. Part of me is worried as I don’t tend to add people much to my FB only friends and family. Plus my parents are on there and ummmm they might have a heart attack as to the company I keep.

But then where does one draws the line ? when it comes to internet acquired acquaintances ?
I know he’s harmless just looks like a thug. I know because I’m good at sussing people out.

One thing though that nightmare did cross my mind..