With the way things are going I’m not going to be able to fit everything in.

The reason I accepted this position was because it was part-time. It was so I could juggle all of my other commitments.

Supposedly I only work 1230-6pm Wednesdays and Thursdays and Saturday 730-1130am.

Which means those two days are out. It also means Saturday mornings groceries runs are out too.

That leaves me 3.5 days to squeeze my stuff in.

Mondays ( lunch with hubby) 

Tuesdays (left free for volunteering) 

Fridays (work at the business ) 

Sunday (family lunch ) 

Saturday afternoons 

In saying that it’s still flexible in that my free days I can swap things around . So if need be I can still accept shifts for volunteering on any day. 

I’ve been trying hard to juggle. So been popping into the business 6-9am to do work here and there to save myself that Friday to go walkies or shopping for pressies. 

It’s not working out as so very tired and sometimes hubby keeps me in bed for wifey duties.

This morning got up around 730am. Still sitting here.It’s 830am, have popped a load in the washing machine and just finishing off my coffee.

Thinking of hitting the shops this morning to start looking for pressies or ideas for them. 

Except traffic . I hate driving in the morning anywhere. I only ever get out of the house after 930am to avoid the school 40kph zones. They tend to revert back to 60kph after 930am. 

Either that or stay home make some cards or go into the business and put in a few hours before I start work. 

There’s still competencies to complete for work and stuff for our CPDs continuing professional development. I don’t know why they don’t start in January? Trying to complete them by end of September is a pain.

Then from October to February is a total write off with Christmas looming and Summer holidays. That leaves all of us professionals to try to do a year of learning in 8 months. 

This week have been a will I catch up week? 

Since I spent Monday at the beach. Tuesday trying to recover from all of the driving and early mornings and out walkies I’m behind again . 

Yesterday have caught up with dishes and laundry and worked.

Today I’m at work again 1230-6pm and tomorrow morning 730-1130am aiming to finish 1230pm as 60 patients can’t see them all and organise them for the weekend in 4 hours. 

Haven’t had time to pop into the business this week . Was worried about all the things I have going on haven’t popped my hand up for any vollie shifts. 

Next week is worse with 5 shifts instead of 3. 

Then to make things worse, my high school old students association sent out an email for help ie committee work organising reunions.

 I’m not sure if I should put my hand up. Feels bad knowing they are short as I have been on the committee before and know half of the members. 

On that note I’d better go shower, get change and out of here.