This is a caricature of my adult son. Out of all my kids he’s like a mini me. Both in looks and personality. Though he’s more patient like his dad.

He went camping with his dad the other weekend. His dad’s idea of camping was to chuck a futon in the back of his 4WD , two sleeping bags, 2 packets of instant noodles and off they went.

Out of my whole family I have been camping the most. Scouting days saw us camping every school holidays roughing it out.

Hubby have only been two or three times the most . The kids,  only school camps.

My son came home that Sunday night and came straight to me to give me a hug. I asked him how was camping ? He replied dad snored really bad.

Made me chuckle. I wonder if he hugged me because he missed me? Or because he felt sorry for me having to share a bed with his dad who can snore the house down.