This evening I popped into the business to catch up. Hubby saw me so he waved me over for a cuddle.

He said I’m sorry that you felt that way . It made me sad all day thinking I’d  made you sad. I was only joking.

Yes my husband is a smooth talker. I don’t believe for a moment that he means it. Either that or he does mean it but just keeps on saying the wrong stuff all the time.

I’m very sensitive and he puts his foot in his mouth a lot of times and I wonder some days if it’s what he really think of me?

The other week he told me I was lazy as I hardly cook. Okie so I don’t cook as often as before but it’s because I work more now and he should be helping me cook too not leaving it all to me.

He doesn’t seem to understand . When he cooks he makes a big thing out of it. Like he had to go out of his way to do the groceries and then to cook too.

When I cook I just cook as it’s my role as a mum and wife.

Yesterday I was mad at him for thinking I only work 3 days. Only 3 days and your mum is whinging. This was done in front of the kids.
This morning before work he motioned me over for our usual good bye.

His good byes come in the form of him lying in bed with two arms outreached and fingers moving.

His way of telling me to come over so he can fondle my girls then he’d ask me to kiss his junior. And mind you not just a peck but a proper french kiss.
He won’t let me go otherwise and gets all sulky if I don’t . Like I don’t love him or something .

Some days I think what are we doing? What’s husband and wife in the end? Is it just that comfortable feeling and security that you’ve been with each other for that long? and thus you just continue on that route and you don’t detour?
Marriage to me means working together ironing out stuff so the more you’re together the lesser the misunderstandings yet some days like yesterday and today I seriously think is it ever going to get any easier ?