I’ve finished my Christmas shopping today.

It wasn’t so bad an experience after all. I spent half the morning at the gallery. Then went and had lunch on way to the liquor store .

Bought about a dozen bottles of wine. I bought extra just in case I’d forgotten someone.

Then after that to the dreaded Westfield shopping centre.

By then it was around 330pm. I must say I timed it very well. Coincided with the school pick up run. Which meant lots of car parks around.

Bought more vouchers and gift cards . Went hunting for minions for our shop competition and found none.

Luckily the pokemon soft toys were on sale in Big W so I bought 2 bags full of soft toys .

Last year I bought soft toys of all sorts and the kids had to fill out a quiz .

Like I love sunshine . But I melt in the sun…Olaf from Frozen

I love kermit ..Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show etc

The ones that got them all right goes into the draw for the soft toys 12 of them.

In the end there were 12 correct entries so each kid got a random toy each.

It was a huge success last year. We got a few drawings from them to say thank you.

This year the quiz will be even easier. They just have to count how many pokemons and Yo-kai watch characters are hidden in our shop display window.

I love organising it as much as the joy they get out of it.

More wanderings of Melbourne CBD

from Flinders walking up to Swanston St along the Yarra river bank. Hamer Hall on the top right of photo where concerts are held. It was around lunch hence lots of men in suits out for walks. 
These are actually our natives here in Australia. They are called Gymea lillies. Great display of flowers.

Only saw them for the very first time this year.