hehehe I walked in on hubby last night.

He was too slow in his reaction so I caught him. On his laptop he had youtube opened . On his computer he had lyrics to a song opened.

Apparently he wanted to surprise me if we ever go out to karaoke. So the poor dear has been singing.

To make matters worse I walked in on him so his surprise is completely ruined.

I laughed when I saw what happened as he can’t sing for peanuts. Well that hasn’t changed at all after 26-27 years.

When our oldest was little she’d pop her fingers in her ears whenever her dad opened his mouth.

He confessed he can hear the song in his head it just never come out right.

Christmas shopping is really tiring . Feeling it today. Don’t really want to go to work but off I go . Four hours to see 70-80 patients. Needs to be fast as don’t want to be over time on a Saturday.

Hope it’s surgical today and not cardiac. They are much easier to deal with.

Our Town Hall decked out.

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre all lit up