Told hubby I’ve paid in full for the party. He was like what ? Why didn’t you just place a deposit ? What if people don’t turn up? If they don’t turn up we still have to pay for the food?

That’s why I’ve asked you for the final number? You can’t expect the restaurant to shoulder the costs of your staff not turning up? It’s not fair.

Plus I’ve popped all the pressies on our credit card so there might not be that much in there to pay for it all.

Remember we still have to pay for drinks?

After that he’s like okie.

The place I’ve chosen is near a train station . We will be taking the train . Saves trying to find a car park plus can drink without worrying about driving home afterwards.

More photos of the garden. Being here if you can’t see the back drop of the city you wouldn’t know it existed. Cannot hear the traffic at all.

This pavilion had music playing the day I was there. People were sitting on the grass listening .

Always much controversy every time a structure goes up. It looks rather nice I think blends in with the environment.