I emailed our neighbour last night to ask her to please retrieve the board games and if she would like any she’s welcomed to them.

She replied this morning that she’s going to have a full house of grandkids thus could she please keep them all ?

All well ends well. Have managed to post two pressies away today to the US. One was for Aubergine.

Then went groceries shop to try out a new recipe. Going to give Panko a try.

Found some asparagus that I’m going to coat with flour then roll in egg and coat with panko and parmesan. Then into the oven to bake.

Didn’t feel like meat today so bought some tofu and egg plant to have with rice.

The egg plant I’ll bake then drizzle with spring onion sautee in some oil and then fish dipping sauce.

The tofu I’ll deep fry and we can dip it in the fish dipping sauce or we’ll eat it the Japanese way with mayo and sauce and bonito flakes on top

I’ve also bought $20 worth of BBQ pork from our local BBQ restaurant just in case the kids want meat.

Left overs are great in jaffles for tomorrow as breakfast or lunch.

That’s the reason why I can’t move far from Asian areas. I need their groceries to cook and also their take aways when we are too busy.

These are photos of Birrarrung Park. A family park near my old neighbourhood. I still go back to visit once in awhile.

There used to be a lake here . I used to take the kids to feed the ducks. Due to the drought the lake is long gone. The CFA (fire brigade) have pumped water into it a few times from the near by Yarra River. It didn’t work. Bench for rests . The whole circuit of the park is about 1.2km . Each bench has an emergency marker near by. 

This is the Yarra River , it runs through the park. I remembered trying to find my lover tree on this walk with no luck. It’s  two trees that have fused as one over time.