Made 4 cards tonight . I sell them at $3.95 each . Minus the paper, card, packaging I am left with about $2.45 per card pre-tax.

That doesn’t account for my time tonight or the shop’s rent.

I love making them because the possibilities are endless. I hate making the same old thing. 

Hubby came up and asked me why I don’t look at my old designs and just copy them? 

His idea was that I need to bulk produce. Make 2-3 of the same design but not put them all out at once. That way I would always have a supply for the days when I don’t feel like making them.

He doesn’t understand . What’s the fun in doing that? I need the freedom . The freedom to fiddle . The freedom to make something different. 
I was thinking to myself tonight. Money does not buy happiness . It buys freedom. The freedom to do whatever you want.