Received a message from my nude beach buddie this morning . He wanted to go tomorrow and asked where I am?

Told him I’m heading back to the hidey hole tonight so can join him. 

The stretch of beach is near the famous Bells Beach for surfing and about 25 minutes drive from my hidey hole. 

It’s hidden away by sand dunes and the sign says clothing optional .
The first time I went I was taught the etiquettes of nude bathing .

The etiquettes are pretty much common sense stuff.

1/ Do not block another’s view of the water. Thus when setting up shelter need to set it up diagonally so the back people still have views.
3/ Give people privacy ie. No setting up tents too close. 

4/ No means no. No harassing girls.
5/ It’s rude to stare at other people unless you’re nude yourself.

6/ Nudity is only allowed on the beach not in the car park .

There’s even a beach mayor that knows everyone that bathes there. Like your town mayor. He keeps an eye on outsiders.

I’m a bit worried as it’s been pouring down and being a dirt road you can get bogged down. Here’s hoping it will dry up enough for tomorrow as I’ve only got a people mover and not a 4WD. 

Why do I go? It’s that sense of freedom of just wearing your birthday suit. The other reason? The beaches here are chockers in Summer and nude beaches is a well kept secret. It is less crowded than the others. 

The goers ? Young ones , old ones. The beach wear? Floppy hats , back pack.

 In the back pack ? Clothes, beach towel, sunscreen , thongs, bottle water, chips or snacks . 

As for raunchy stuff, don’t go up into the sand dunes . And don’t wave back at people 😀