Feeling rather lazy but had to get me out of this rut.

So took off for walkies to grab groceries . It was still quite warm outside . At near 5pm and still 26C . The shops are about half an hour walk or two train stops away. This way I get enforced excercise.

Waiting for my train as catching the train back with my back pack and two shopping bags. Needed to wait for the stopping all station train. 

East meet West : Box Hill. Mainly Asians. Lots of restaurants here. Chinese , Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and  Vietnamese. 

More development happening as Box Hill will eventually be a city. It’s sad to see the Californian bungalows and period homes go. 

Just noticed the other day driving to work that the street names have a little horse on them . The City of Whitehorse’s emblem .

The street was named after a famous Australian artist Arthur Streeton.


Our post box. The mail is very slow these days only delivered every 2 days not daily like before.

The new bus stops all have seats with dividers in the middle which is horrid as people can’t lie down anymore.

This is a nice road to bike as it’s tree lined. This is the poorer end of it. If you head the other way the mansions are in the millions.