Have thought about it and well the solution to my problem is to move my oldest out .

Then she can have as many sleep overs as she want. She can live like a pig if she so desired. 

I can’t handle her anymore. Have texted hubby that if he doesn’t move her I will.

Next week when I have more time I’m going to go shopping for a washing machine and dryer.

She’s already got a fridge from when she was in Bendigo . 

The house have a dining table already and a window seat. 

I’m going to go back to my hidey hole as well when I have a chance and grab excess stuff for the kitchen. 

Thank goodness I still kept the spare kettle and toaster. 

Our rental will be her new home. It’s only 5 minutes tram ride to her Uni. That’s why we bought it in the first place .

Feeling much better now . 
Don’t know why we clash so much . Fragile relationship of mother and daughter? Where’s the balance?