This was taken this morning after I went to buy coffee.

We had a discussion the other day. I told hubby to stop bothering me as it was my bed time. I tend to go to bed around 11pm or 1130pm the latest. 

Then in the morning I’d get up around 630am. 

If I don’t follow my clock my body goes out of whack. Same with meals I eat on time.

Hubby disagreed he then questioned me why I have to follow the clock? As all he does is go to bed when he wants to and get up when he wants to?

I’m a creature of habit and routine. Must be from my dad . He was in the army and at my parents house there’s a clock in every room. 

I like routines yet I like to wander . Wander aimlessly with no goals or set routes . How can that be? How can someone be both a creature of habit and routine and a wanderer?