1 bowl of rice, pan fried for a few minutes then add to a pot of chicken stock.

simmer until the rice is broken.

Consistency should be like a thick soup. I tend to add some ginger and half a brown onion to flavour the congee.

The tasting (fish sauce and sugar to taste) should be left to last as the added meat, fish would have been marinated.


Coriander, spring onion, fried shallots or garlic,

This is the base for many congees, in VN congees are for sick people. I used to remember whenever we were sick my mum would make us eat congee.

Seafood congee:

When ready to eat add the marinated seafood (sesame oil, fish sauce, pepper) and stir it in. Alternative is to stir fry the seafood first with some garlic and then add it in on top..I tend to use the former method as the fish won’t break then.

Can use scallops, prawns, fish, baby squid etc. Fish need to be rockling or similar that won’t break easy, salmon is nice also.

Chicken congee:

Instead of chicken soup, cook the rice with some chicken maryland or whole chicken, then once the chicken is cooked, shred and leave the meat aside to add back in when ready to eat.

Pork congee:

I tend to make meat balls to add to the congee. Pork mince marinated in sesame oil, fish sauce or oyster sauce, pepper. Then when the congee is ready add the balls in. Meat balls are nice with some prawn mince.

Alternative, quick easy way is to just stir the marinated mince into the congee.

Beef congee:

Mince the beef by using a knife, that way you get bigger chunk of mince, then once ready to eat stir it in. I would marinate like the pork but using fish sauce.

Egg congee:

Stir through 1 egg garnish with lots of spring onion.