Ummm I am stuck . No groceries today since so hot. It went up to 39C today. 

Still 38C outside with no relief. It’s now 449pm.

I guess I can be lazy and not cook. Just finished cleaning the fridge out and nothing looks too inspiring.

Vegies half dead . Found some eggs. Some left over char siu from the other night. And a box of prawn cakes in the freezer. 

So it’s either fried rice if I can find my Chinese sausages stashed somewhere in the pantry. Which means need to cook some rice.

Or I can use up the packet of banh cuon from the other night. I just cut them up and separate them so they resemble noodles . 

That way I can stir fry the vegies with the prawn cakes, char siu. Fry up the eggs and pop them on to make stir fried noodles .

Now which is the easier option, the less effort ?

In the end called in my helpers. My son to separate the noodle rolls and my youngest to do the eggs. She’s never done them so showed her how to and got her to do the rest. 

All prepped ready to go. I’ll wok it in another half hour as none of us are hungry. 

Left the char siu in a bowl as what’s not eaten tonight will be chucked .