We service a nursing home and thus my job is to back him up. All our clients used to have a basket each. In it all their prescriptions and tablets. Every month I’d go through each basket and see which one needed stocking up. 

It was a tedious job considering I had 230 baskets to go through . Thus I used to tag them different colour tags for the week they are due to be reviewed.

Just recently we paid and had a virtual stock program installed . It takes up less space as no more baskets to house . 

Every week I just print out a report to stock up anyone that’s due. Then enter the amount dispensed into the computer. 

Any queries that the client may have as why an item was dispensed early we can show them the log. 

Mistakes can be picked up by comparing the dispensing record to the virtual stock. 

We are usually playing catch up ie the clients owe us scripts. 

Once I’ve dispensed the whole facility I will update the float. There’s 15 in all . Still tedious but it means if I don’t finish today I can pick up tomorrow and just continue with the report.

So it has made life easier for me.