Been binning a lot lately. Crappy posts about the bad side of me. I’m no angel and I struggle day to day to be good and kind. 

I surround myself with nature or with happy inspiring people if I can with hopes they rub off on me and in turn I can be like them.

Today started off well only to end up badly . The kids have been good today just hubby. 

We fight all the time so much so I think may be mum is right. Feng Sui playing havoc ? Never have the sink next to the stove . They clash . The thing is we had no choice .

I doubt it though as we are like chalk and cheese . We could never be on the same wavelength that’s the sad part of it. 

On a brighter note we complement each other. What I haven’t got he’s got. What he hasn’t got I’ve got.

I’ve got ideas by the bucket load. He’s got the tenacity to see them to fruition.

I have all this energy that just fizzles out and I move on to the next thing just as quick. 

I suck at commitments he’s good at it. 

He sucks at computers. I’m better with IT.

He can’t book holidays at all or a hotel for that matter. He relies on me or an agent .

Together we make a great team if only we see eye to eye.

Whoever is up there? He gives and he takes .

Things to be thankful of today.

I’ve got 3 great kids when they want to be.

I’ve got a great husband too if only he’d stop being a grumpy bum. 

Views from my favourite steps. We were far far away from everyone else.