What’s going on?

Came home from my hidey hole to find my youngest wanting to make steam buns for dinner.

So went into the kitchen to check. My Chinese Sausages have expired . There’s no eggs . I was like don’t tell me I have to go do groceries.

So asked my son to ring grandma to see if she’s got some eggs for us and then grandpa can bring over when he comes to do deliveries . This was before I saw the expired sausages.

He then offered to go groceries shopping for me. Then saw my miss call. The oldest texted me to ask if I want her to grab dinner?

What’s going on with my kids? Why are they being so nice to me today? Don’t think there’s any full moon?

Steamed buns Makes 24


2 bags steamed buns flour (will need extra flour popped aside about an extra 1/4 to 1/2 a packet)

2 cups water or milk

1 cup sugar

4 tablespoon white vinegar

2 tablespoon oil

6 eggs hard boiled, cut into quarters

6 dried mushroom, soaked, cut into quarters

4 chinese sausages, each cut into 6 pieces

1 chopped onion (for the mince)

500g minced pork marinated (drizzle of sesame oil, oyster sauce, pepper, onion)

24 paper squares (5cmx5cm)

My youngest was too quick she’s emptied the flour .
How to make dough:
I found using two cups of either water or milk was too much. Flour was a sticky mess and thus needed extra flour popped aside for when rolling dough..so better to buy an extra packet…

Instructions were quite unclear..missing bits and pieces..here is my version..
For 2 bags of dough..
1/ Remove 4 tablespoons of flour and leave aside for rolling later (may need flour from extra pack)

2/ Mix the remaining flour with sugar and milk and knead for 10 minutes

3/ Add 2 tablespoons of oil and continue to knead for another 10 minutes

4/ Leave aside covered for 30 minutes.

5/ Divide dough into 24 equal pieces

6/ Using flour left aside coat rolling pin and bench top to prevent dough sticking to bench.

7/ Roll each piece until they become flat and round, about size of palm..

8/ Pop filling into the middle and then fold the corners, sides over filling as shown

9/ Place each bun on a piece of paper

10/ ***Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the water in the steamer, it helps to whiten the buns

11/ Once the water has boiled add the buns to the steamer.

12/ Steam for 10 minutes, lift up lid and remove any condensed water.

13/ Continue to steam for another 10 minutes.

14/ Remove buns from steamer and pop on a rack to cool

*** when water is low add more water and 2 more tablespoons of vinegar to the water..