Walked to the cafe to get our coffees today and the papers. Looked at their boards and well the cheapest item was a ham and cheese toastie for $6.50 or a pie for $5 . 

So figured I’ll get a chicken and leek pie so we can share.

Then we can have a nice lunch later on.

Pastry is quite nice. I think they used puff pastry . Not as creamy as I would have liked it and tasted okie. Not yummy yum yum .

Today is anything goes. Hubby brought down my car’s roof rack so he can pop the kayak on .

I’ve got a few things to bring back plus have to measure the gate. 

Then off on a beach walk and that’s probably it.

It’s nice down here. No work or house work to think of. 

The only thing is I’d better attack hubby soon. He needs a fix 😂

He’s stuck to his new year resolution . It’s been TEN whole days that he hasn’t attacked me.