Hubby popped our girl’s set of shelvings together for me. It will house games and visitors’s belongings when they come to stay. 

I’m trying to get rid of the old cabinet as it’s in the way when we line up the retreat with mattresses. 

It used to be a big Ikea cabinet that was damaged so we cut it down. Then I went to the glazier to get the glass cut for the doors.

Have taken my bench out from our bedroom . I won this at a silent auction to fund the hospital cancer centre . It’s made by a colleague’s husband . 

Tidied up my linen cupboard today. Finally gotten around to stuff all the sleeping bags in their bag except for one so into a pillow case it went . Last count I have 7 all different thickness . 

Managed to stuff 3 blown ups and pump in the box. Mum wanted to borrow 2 . I’m bringing her 3 just in case she needed an extra.

Taking 2 sleeping bags back as well just in case the kiddies all want to go clamming . 

My friend’s daughter forgot her artwork so will take it back for her.

I love Garfield and Hagar. 

Have also measured the gate. It just made the minimum requirement . Measured 930mm , they only needed 900mm to slide the spa in on its side .

Now to go walkies 😊