Yesterday was the most crappiest day ever.

Went to the rental to find the carpet still dirty so rang the realestate agent to say I’m not happy . Sent hubby an email with photos for him to forward to her.

The only thing that was right was my yummy souvlaki.

It all happened when I clicked on something that I shouldn’t have . Thought my past was catching up to me. You know one of those raunchy videos.

Anyhow after that it was like a whole afternoon wasted resetting my phone deleting everything . Then the numerous passwords that came and went . I’m paranoid . Guess it comes with the territory when you over share on here.

The thing is it’s going to be a nightmare for the next few months as I don’t use the same password for my accounts . So help me whoever is up there. If I can’t get in who else can? 

Tried to apply for that children check and what happens? The first time I chose the wrong field 40 instead of 60 . It was between the two of them. Confirmed with the volunteering people it was 60 as I thought .

Then went back in to redo it as it’s only finalised when I get my photo taken at the post office. 

Went to finalise it at the post office at 440pm to find my IDs don’t match and since I’ve just recently renewed them all which means I can’t match them up again until next renewal . What a pain in the backside. 

Here goes 10 more years of painful explanations as to why half have a middle name and half doesn’t .

She told me to go to the bank to get a statement to show my address. The bank printed one out but with only my initial for my first name😩 so that didn’t work either.

Bugger it I thought . It’s not going to happen though I did try my best considering they both close at 5pm. 

Came home went into the computer again. Popped through another application . This time I added the middle name initial.

Printed it all out. Will have to do it on Monday at the post office down at the beach. 

I was like a wreck by the end of the day. 
One good thing we went to Westfield for dinner . Food court crap but it meant I didn’t have to cook. 

Went to buy a belt to find it was reduced by a third at the register. So only paid $27 for an Australian made one . 

So it ended okie.

Need to tell myself don’t worry about the past. What’s the worse that can happen ? People see me in my birthday suit. And since I was only around 30 then the suit still looked quite hot 😂 

It was an amateur striptease and some guy recorded it and started charging people money to see it 😂

Here is hoping today is a better day . Still got 5 mins to get out of here for work . 

Not showered, shirt not ironed 😂