Hubby’s been complaining that my boobs have shrunk ever since I’ve lost those 2 kilos.

Told him they haven’t . My boobs are still the same cup size. 

He’s like but they were spilling all over before like muffin tops. Okie, he was probably right. They had trouble fitting into my bras. 

Muffin top boobs. 

The candy bras was courtesy of one of my co-workers. They thought it was hilarious as a KK pressie.

The rule was KK pressie had to be worthy of that person. Dirty secrets etc because you can’t just buy chocolates or hand creams.The other rule was pressies had to be under $20. 

Anyhow they must have heard that I was having a dirty weekend with hubby and that was what they came up with. That and a packet of penis shaped pasta 😂

I got mine a towel when I found out she liked skinny dipping 😂

Another guy got a scarf and some foundation as he came into work one day with a hickey on his neck 😂

We all had a good laugh. I do miss my old work place. The companionship was what I missed most.