My mind is made up, only confirmed every time I worked. Manager kept on making us put our initials into the computer for scripts we didn’t dispensed. 

She was at it again today . Despite everyone finishing on time we got told to do it and stayed over time.

If that’s their work ethics I don’t want to be part of it.

I ran off my feet today to finish on time.

Talked to a colleague after work that I’m not staying and she said to me I was hoping that you’d change your mind and stay. 

Told her I can’t get past the work ethics . If I make a mistake I’ll deal with it . I don’t want to put my initials against something I haven’t done then if it’s wrong I get accused of getting it wrong.

She said to me I always have to cover myself . 

What a horrible way to go to work and always have to watch your back. 

Got another 3 shifts and 2 Saturdays and I’m out of there .