So it’s 532pm and no groceries as yet . Been procrastinating all day. 

It’s too late to go now plus I can’t stomach anymore take aways which means I have to cook.

Then remembered one of our clients gave us some spring rolls. 

Thus the only thing I needed to come up with was noodles and vegies since there’s still the fish dipping sauce left from the other day .

I like these Taiwanese noodles as they are a cross between spaghetti and rice noodles. Gives it a bit of texture. An added bonus is they come in individual serves . 1 roll equals 1 serve .

Not a fan of rice vermicelli as sometimes I get broken ones or too old or smells of chemicals especially the ones advertised as “fresh” on the packets. 

Not much greens but enough to line the bowl . I didn’t get around to making that papaya salad so got the rest of the vegies for dinner tonight. Had to throw the papaya away.