Chả giò (Spring Rolls) makes about 90 rolls

filling :

400g crab meat (usually frozen, drain well) can omit and use 1kg prawns instead

500g prawn minced or chopped

1kg pork mince

5-6 small carrots processed

3 small onions processed

100g bean vermicelli cut finely

4-5 dried fungus soaked and cut finely

1 egg, yolk to bind, white for sticking pastry together

salt and pepper to taste

2 packets of spring rolls wrapper (large square )
filling : combine all, except egg white. ***need to keep filling as dry as possible to prevent breakage, instead of soaking the bean vermicelli use it dry to soak up the juice from the carrots and onion alternative is to squeeze all the juice from the carrots and onion after processing by wrapping it in a cloth and squeezing.
pastry: the pastry is usually bought frozen, when ready to wrap thaw a little cut them diagonally and then separate them one by one, cover with a tea towel to prevent them from drying out.
***if left too long out the pastry will get wet and soggy and will break during frying. Restaurants tend to use less filling and they double wrap their spring rolls.

Cut them diagonally to wrap. Pointy side up put filling about 3cm from lower edge, sides fold in sides then slowly roll it in direction of the point..when near to point use finger to brush on egg white to glue the flap…

***oil need to be hot, test with a wooden chop stick , should be bubbly around the chop stick before popping the rolls in.

***always wrap one and fry it first to taste it..if too bland can add more salt to the mixture.