Hubby graduated two years before me. I got my registration after we were married.

The beginning of our marriage was tough. We bought a house near his parents so we can look after them.

If he had his way we’d have lived with them. We argued and argued until we compromised at okie we will get our own place and they can come and live with us. They were living in a rental back then.

In the end they declined the offer and  that was that. Mind you that was not the end to our arguments.

When things got bad I wrote a letter to them to say look you can have your precious son back. I don’t want to fight you for him. We haven’t got kids as yet it’s an easy split. I’m sure I can find someone else quite easily.

After that it was only him that went back for visits. It wasn’t a given that I went every time . If I was in a happy mood then I’d go with him.
It’s a case of am I stupid enough to go to be told off for something that I don’t think is right? And not being able to voice my feelings because kids are not heard?

Why did I stay? Because despite all that hubby is a kind person just like my dad. I thought he’d look after me no matter what .

He still makes me laugh. He tickles my sense of humour.

And most of all we share our love for food . We love eating out and trying out new stuff.

But one of the reasons I’m still with him would have to be our registration number with the board. I’m superstitious .

When I received mine I was like this number look familiar.  It wasn’t until later on whilst filing our documents that it dawned on me.

Ours were nearly identical despite being two years apart . It’s made up of 6 numbers and exactly the same 6 numbers .

So let say if mine was xycxoy etc then his was xyxcoy .

Our two middle numbers were mirror image . If I remembered mine I would remember his.

After realising the implications I was like may be some divine intervention happened? Because the odds were against us meeting .

Back in Viet Nam I lived in the city . He lived in the country. No chance of meeting .

Then coming over here though both of us resettled in Melbourne we were on opposite ends of the city. I was in the South East whereas he was in the West.

We arrived at similar times yet had no common family friends.

Even the way we met. If we didn’t meet then then we had no other way of meeting . He was in his last year of the course and I was first year in.

We only met because my friend dragged me to the association’s meeting . I wasn’t going to go. At first sight he annoyed the hell out of me. He wasn’t my ideal guy.

And yet we are still together 26-27 years on.

We have good days and bad days . Like really bad days. There were times I was sure he’d divorce me. And times when I wanted to divorce him yet somehow we’ve managed to make it work . May be because of the registration numbers that I’ve tried harder? It cannot be purely coincidental?

I’ve often wondered if I never saw them would things be different?