When I was younger I baked every week. It served two purposes I get to eat and also it was a bribe . I’d feed dad cake and tea then ask if I could go out. 

Well only after he’s eaten then he can’t say no can he ? Hehehe.

I haven’t baked much since as no time plus I love cooking savouries stuff.

My contract at the hospital is ending soon so I thought why not? Why not rejuvenate my love for baking? It’s a bit like pharmacy you just follow the recipe, be precise and whola a yummy cake await.

Just like my creams and ointments and suppositories and gel and what not that we made in college. Precision was the key .

The course starts in February just a week after I finish and runs for a week.A high school classmate said she’s been and it’s intense. As it’s where chefs went to do their professional development. 

She advised I’d better bring a note book and pencil to take down notes as the recipes are not very detailed. Also that they don’t let any bad looking cake or sweets out of the door. It had to be perfect.

I was thinking oh dear. What have I signed up for? It did say easy on the course description ? 

After this course hopefully my dream of owning a cafe is closer 😂 either that or I’ll balloon out from all the yummy cakes and pastries and chocolates I’m going to make. 😍