It’s Tuesday 657am. I’m having breakkie then off into the business to work.

Plans for today:

1/Work for a few hours

2/Finish sorting out the house. Only got the living room and deck to go. I tend to wipe everything down with water. 

3/Groceries and cook dinner. Not sure what to cook and if I’ve got time.

4/Finish wrapping the hampers.Spent last night at the business dispensing.

5/Go into the city to grab a tiramisu cake for my friend. Haven’t been in since the carnage the other day . Feel sad about it all . The three months old baby didn’t make it. His sister still fighting for her life. It makes it 5 deaths now and a few still critical.

6/ Go see if I can order a sink for the kitchenette. Hubby is being a real pain. He wants an undermount sink which I don’t think is appropriate. 

7/Go through school uniform for my son. Still haven’t gotten around to it. Here is hoping it still fits as I don’t want to spend more money on them as it’s his final year of high school. 

Guess I’m a list person after all. I do better when I write things down and cross them off as I go. 
Talked to my friend’s sister last night . She said to me why do you work when you don’t need to? She meant financially since I don’t gain anything . She then said you don’t need to work. The kids need you? he needs you. Just stay home and help out more at the business. Funny how others can see clearly. The thing they don’t see is I work not for financial gains but for job satisfaction and the socialising bits. Guess I’d better start accepting more volunteering shifts.

Breakkie with sweet taro bread that I managed to cart home in my back pack yesterday. That and 2 litres each of milk and soy milk and a bunch of bananas plus our take away for dinner from Yami Yami.

We had spicy pork and squid , LA Galbi and sundubu. I had some salad mix left and the shredded carrot from the other night that I mixed with sesame dressing to bulk it up since there was only 4 of us. 

To buy 4 mains is too much to eat . The mains are served with a bento box of rice ,lettuce , Kim chi. We were one bento box short but since hubby is on a low carb diet and I wasn’t hungry we shared the bento box.