Yes men. Some days I wonder why they don’t think like us. Like my son he’s got no common sense at all.

As for hubby he drives me nuts.

We’ve got these plastic sleeves that needs to be mounted somewhere for ease of use.

So he’s mounted these yellow tongue boards to pop these on right at the entrance of the toilet . The board and clips are approximately 320mm so then the toilet entrance being only 900mm doing the maths it leaves us less than 600mm to get in and out of the toilet 😩

Meanwhile the walk way is 1320mm so have suggested that once he’s installed the sliding door he can then hook them on that wall where the door is.

Just realised he’s popped the timber on without patching up the hole in the ceiling . What the? 

He was upset at me last night for saying no he can’t and not giving him a solution. So I did. 

Men..can’t live with them and can’t live without them 😩