Wednesday 25th January

Still in bed . I’m due at work today thus need to get a few things done before then. First of all need to groceries shop as tomorrow is Australia Day holiday which means all the shops are closed. 

1/ go buy more gold fish either 1 or 3 so it’s an even number.

2/ go buy herbs and spices for the lamb

 roast on Sunday at mum’s and dad’s. Dad wanted to try out his birthday pressie we got him . He said he’ll pop the meat over to me on Saturday so I can marinate it.

3/ flowers and fruits for the altar . No bananas or oranges or pears. Oranges are called cam , cam chịu meaning to put up with things , sacrifice . Bananas are chuối which has similar pronounciation to chúi which means to fall by diving forward . Pears are lê in lê lết meaning to drag one self. 

The wanted list pineapple thơm which means fragrant . Watermelon as it’s red and red means good luck. Apples and any other fruit that are red and their names do not sound like something that would drag you downwards for the New Year . 

4/ there’s another thing that I need to buy and I can’t remember 😩
And since it’s busy this time of year I’m hoping to get there by 9am so I can find car park. Either that or walk there with my trolley and grab the train back.