Last night I went over to pop the cake and New Year goodies to my friend .

Found her oldest washing the dishes . Forgot she’s only got boys so it made sense.

My other friend have got boys too and they too do chores .

Marrying a mummy’s boy I’ve vowed that my son will not end up being one .

Thus whatever chores I gave to my girls he got as well. This included ironing his own clothes , hemming his pants etc.

When hubby found out he told me off. He was like no he’s a boy you can’t make him sew stuff.

Reminded him that if I can teach my oldest to put together a flat pack then he can very well learn to sew . In this household there’s no differentiation of the sexes.

Hubby came from a traditional family where the men are spoilt and the women did all the work . 

I came from a family where both parents worked and thus chores are divided . Dad did the groceries and mum cooked. 

In the 80s everyone knew everyone else and my mum must have been the subject of gossips in Springvale . Along the line of she must be a bad wife to make him do the groceries .Poor poor him. 

Don’t think that sentiment have changed much even though I’ve been here for 36-37 years. It’s an Asian thing . Women should be subservient to their men. To me that’s crap. 

May be in yesteryears when women didn’t work. They had servants thus the men being breadwinners were treated like kings. 

Not in today’s society where both worked. 

From talking to his nieces and sisters it’s now a case of you’d better look after your husband or else they will find greener pastures elsewhere like in Viet Nam. 

I’ve caught myself replying all good he can go find someone else if he wants . My name is on all the titles and with that he will lose his business and house and whatever else. He’s always joked I’m too expensive to divorce.

They then turned around to tell me off for not being constructive with our relationship. Can’t win. 

Here is hoping my son and my friends’ sons are the new breed of Asian men. Kind and considerate and treats women with love and respect.