Since he’s doing his final year of high school this year he’s made to go to boot camp. The school’s idea of getting their kids ready for the tough year ahead. 

So then for entertainment for their dinner they are supposed to dress up as they like as long as it starts with letters C , H or S.

Being my son he thinks it’s hilarious. His first choice was a stripper to which I said I don’t think the school would think it’s appropriate . His next choice Hitler to which I told him off. So then his third choice was a cross dresser. 

Told him well go ahead. Tie your hair in a pony tail. Go into your dad’s shop and grab a lipstick . You can go borrow a dress and shoes from your sister .

When it comes down to the crunch don’t think he’ll do it. 

Now that I’ve thought about it , I think he was just trying to tease me coming up with all the ones he knows I’d disapprove 😩