One way of coping not to go in to read work emails 😂 

At my old work work emails are informative emails. Here it’s more asking to work extra shifts . Berating you for not doing things right. If I’m in the wrong tell me at work. I can take it. With emails it’s like but I didn’t do it? I wasn’t even there that day? Or it’s  been so long ago that I don’t remember ? I don’t bother replying anymore what’s the point? 

Dishes in the sink? Leave them got better things to do.

Today I’m off to grab fruits for the altar. Might pop into IKEA to get another set of those boxes. 

As for dinner ? Guess I’ll need to cook something. Might go vegetarian today. Getting sick of meat. 

Also need to hang a painting in my loo. Bought it at an exhibition at our local Plaza. It was her first painting sold . From the look on her face she was oh so proud and happy.

Every time I look at it I remember her joy. 

Then I think I might have some spare time to go wandering . Well may be. 

I’m happier today . Stuff life 😂 can’t keep a good horse down that’s for sure well more like a good bitch down 😂