I’m over it with this New Year thingy . House still a mess so is my car. Just rushed around to wash the dishes and put the laundry away. 

Oh well what’s new? This place is forever work in progress. 

Would be nice to be blessed with a clean house for the year but then where do I find that cleaning fairy?
One good thing our fridge is full . Still got the mushroom and bacon pasta left. And more than half of the green curry left as well.

Lots of fruits as I bought more oranges for us and some kiwis for the altar.

Only to find out my friend’s sister dropped by with a box of fresh fruits for us from their trip to the lotus place yesterday.

All in all the coming year is forecasted to be a messy house and its occupants well fed . 

Here is hoping the fire rooster won’t cause as much havoc as the fire monkey.

It’s hubby’s year and well I’m worried. Usually you don’t do too good if it’s your year . Lots of bad luck . 

Try saying that to the forever optimist and all you get is him laughing in your face. He believes we all make our own luck.