Got 7 minutes before I have to walk in. Last Saturday that I will have to work. 

Next week it will be back to normal driving my youngest to tutoring . She starts at 9am. Then I’d pop by the Plaza to have breakfast and do the groceries.

By the time I finish it will be lunch thus take away for hubby and then home. 

That was my usual Saturday morning stint. On days I don’t do groceries I’d catch the train to the city to spend time with my friend . 

I’ve known him since Scouting days . About 30 odd years now or more. A platonic relationship that I treasure. Hubby calls him my boy friend. He’s a bit insecure at the moment as my friend is getting a divorce. Which means he’ll be single and well available. It’s funny that he thinks that I might be interested . I’m not. Once in the friend zone there’s no chance . 

Have been meaning to catch up with him since I’ve lost my contact list I haven’t been able to phone him.

He has a stall at the Vic Market and that’s where we catch up. I’d buy donuts and he’d buy the coffees and we’d chat away the hours.