One of my friends wanted to rent my hidey hole for the holidays. So told her I don’t rent it out just come down and stay . I want it to be a house filled with love and happy memories for family and friends . An open invite. 

Last Christmas she gave me this voucher as a token of thanks .

I was going to give it to hubby so he can go and have a massage . He loves massages .

He then told me why don’t you go and spoil yourself ? 

The thing is I don’t like massages as they are either painful or they tickle. 

As for facials I haven’t had one in 30 years or more. I used to have to go regularly as I had really bad acne as a teen.

I was considering going but have since changed my mind. It’s not me. I hate to be wasting my time to have someone preening me.

Got much better things to do. Might give it to my oldest.