We were talking the other night in the car  and hubby told the kids that I would never go to India. 

Not only did I acknowledged I also added to the list. Let see Africa, Mexico, South America, Middle East etc etc.

The kids were like but then you haven’t got anywhere else to go mum? We’ve done most of Asia except for Europe?

Hubby was like don’t you want to go to Africa and see the wild animals? 

Not really? I can see them on TV? David Attenborough ? 

Hubby then laughed. But you used to be in the Scouts? Scouts are adventurers? 

The thing is, for me traveling is not only to see the sights and experience new things but also it has to be enjoyable. 

Having to always be on guard, look out for bad food, kidnappers, pick pockets,  crowds and dust is certainly not my cup of tea. 

As for being an adventurer I’m getting past the age of adventuring . I like my comforts too much . Nice hotel bed, good strong shower after a day of sightseeing are definite must haves. 
I only really want to go to Europe because of my love for architecture. If not I’d rather not go. Too long a flight, I hate the crowds,the stress of not knowing the language . 

Though France and Italy are tempting and  so is Greece , my love for souvlakis. 

The places I wouldn’t mind going again are Japan and South Korea. It is so ordered and I really enjoyed myself whilst there. 

No worries about crimes or tipping . Trains ran on time. Easy to get from A to B without security checks. Most of all I felt safe. 

In Seoul we even let the kids out at night to attend the night market without us supervising them.