Didn’t end up going to his brother’s for dinner. My tummy was all bloaty and I felt yuck. Not sure if it’s all the wheat I’ve eaten. Noticed of late if I go a few days without rice it acts up. Don’t think it’s made for the Caucasian bread and pasta meals .

Found some left over fried rice this morning so using it to line my tummy.

Since I didn’t go, it gave the kids an excuse not to go either. Thus hubby went by his lonesome self with red packets and a hamper.

Reason being hubby was running late like usual and they hate turning up late where everyone had eaten and us always look like we’ve crashed the party.

The thing is we live on the other side of the city so hubby always want to go late to miss the peak traffic. With school starting back this week, meant it’s back to normal everyone was back at work.

Once I’ve ushered hubby off I had to organise dinner as there’s nothing to eat . So it was like now which restaurant should we go to?

We decided Papparich , a Malaysian chain restaurant and my oldest offered to drive.

I do enjoy going out to dinner just me and the kids . We tend to end up discussing topics that they want to talk about.

Last night it was no different. My oldest asked me if I knew a certain person as she knew us.

It turned out her friend of a friend’s mum used to work with hubby.

I asked her how come she knew about us? It turned out my daughter told her friend that both of us are pharmacists and told him where we lived. He must have gone home to tell his mum. 

She must have put two and two together .What a small world. 

Last time I saw him he was a little kid around 5? now he’s a 20 years old. 

When she told me of the mum’s name I was unsure as I knew her by her maiden name not her married name. But the photo confirmed it. She hasn’t changed much just the hair style and her husband looked exactly the same.

Come to think of it the kids are of the same age. If she went through pharmacy it would be similar time to us. Back in those days pharmacy college only had 180 kids a year if that? And of that may be less than 10 Viet kids a year? 

So we all knew each other not only of our year but the entire college. The course was only 4 years back then . Three years at the college and a year out as a trainee. 

Hubby did his traineeship under her. She was his manager and somehow the two of them striked up a friendship .

Throughout the years we’ve bumped into each other at continuing education lectures. Other than that too busy to catch up catch up.

Funny how now the kids are friends. It’s indeed a very small world. 

I joked last night saying it would be funny if we ended up being in laws. 

My daughter was like mum they are rich . They drive a BMW and live in a house in a rich area. 

I laughed and teased her some more. You know may be that’s why the mum is looking around for a potential girl friend for her son? Hehehe