Was looking for this word all morning. I’m off volunteering today. Shifts starts at 130pm but I’ll go early. 

Will go walkies first and have lunch  before I pick up my client.

It’s a long shift today as it’s a return trip. I have to stay and wait for them thus if I don’t eat beforehand I’ll starve. 

Doctor’s appointments are fickle never know if it’s half an hour wait or two hours wait. Plus an extra half an hour consultation and tests we’d be lucky to get back to the station by 5pm.

The tram ride is about 10 minutes one way then need to change trams with the second leg about 25 minutes. 

My job this morning is to print out a journey planner with all the trams going to the hospital .

 The specification for today’s shift is for me to show the way there and back so they know for next time how to go by themselves. 

After this week I won’t have a job anymore thus will end up volunteering more . Working at the family’s business is not the same .

I need some kind of validation as to me being me. Not the chemist’s wife. I don’t have my own identity at the business . I’m just the chemist’s wife .