I’m a black and white kind of person. No grey areas.

I’m happy to help people out if they help themselves. If they want to change career go do a course sure . Save up for most of it and I’ll chip in as a gift.

Not ask for the whole amount and don’t bother to save ?

Okie so his nephew’s got a drug problem . Go into rehab and I’ll pay for rehab . I do not want my hard earn money to go towards getting more drugs. 

I’m reasonable but I don’t like being used over and over and over again.

The thing is I can’t do a thing. All I can do is stop working spend more and more until he has no more money to give .

Looks like I’ll be ordering a sauna to go with the spa down at the hidey hole.

Money makes you an ugly person. I do not wish to be ugly but I guess in the end I am ugly.