Nope not me though sometimes that idea have gotten inside my head. Just pack and off I go somewhere other than this place.

My son is off to boot camp this morning. Caught him packing last night. 

He hasn’t packed much not in terms of clothes anyway found all this though . Glow sticks , his card game, a book, the school notebook, 2 packets of chips and a 6 packs Ribena drink.

He loves Ribena and Aloe Vera drinks . Guess Ribena tops it as it can be found in singles. 

He was struggling with his back pack and an old business bag.

I suggested he used a hand luggage. That way he can roll with ease. The lighter bits can go on his back. 

He’s 18 yet he’s still my baby . I don’t want to baby him yet I can’t help myself. He kept on telling me. It’s okie mum I’ll do it . I’ll fit it in. 

I’ve made up my mind I’m keeping my mouth shut today. Don’t trust myself to not say anything nasty.

He’s been grumpy as hell. Two grumps equal a Third World War. I’m one of those that explodes. Once I’m done I’m done. 

Looks like today will not be my last shift at work after all. The manager called me in yesterday to ask what my plans are. 

I told her I’m not re-signing as I can’t commit. She was okie with that though she asked if I’d mind working the next two Saturdays for her until they could find someone else. 

I said yes. I don’t mind Saturdays. For one she’s not around. For two I don’t mind the wards . I should learn to say no. 

Told my oldest and she told me off . She said mum you shouldn’t have . Now they will keep on extending your contract with an excuse they can’t find anyone. 

I don’t want to leave on a bad note. But I’m not one to be coerced into doing something I don’t want to either.