Being at home more I think I’m going to run into trouble .

Need to work out a routine. Which day to do what and stick to it.

That way I’m not lost as what to do with myself.

I remembered when I was at home full time I did have a routine. 

In the morning I’d get the house sorted ie wash dishes do the laundry then I’d head off for the day. 

Every second day was saved for groceries and cooking. Every other day was my free day to run errands or go out. I tend to combine them.

This morning I realised how hard it is. Last night took me three gos to wash my dishes. I did them in spurts . Still had some left over this morning .

Then was about to go have a shower when  I remembered it was Friday and I didn’t wash my towels yesterday. 

It’s now 1019am still haven’t showered .

My morning so far:

Up to my second load of clothes . Have washed the dishes and wiped the table . 

Popped some of the dishes away as there was no room to wash.

Still got my stove to clean.

Have since emailed the vollies my photos of my working with children card.

Still haven’t decided what to do with my day. 

Was thinking another trip to the city but not the city city instead a visit to another market. It’s accessible by train and tram. Go exploring my old school neighbourhood.

Either that or go groceries for tonight’s dinner. 

Airing out the apartment.