Our oldest is off on holidays tonight. First time by herself overseas.

It’s not like she’s young yet I still worry. She’s one of those that is a bit scattered brains just like her mummy. 

If she can leave her keys on the train heaven forbids what might happen when she’s overseas.

At the beginning I thought she was going in a group which was fine as safety in numbers . At least the girls she’s traveling with have good heads on their shoulders.

Then her plans went up in smoke. Now she’s travelling there and back by herself since she flunk one of her subjects at uni and had to sit a sub.

The sub is this afternoon and she flies out  right after on the midnight flight. 

Then because of that she’s flying back later to have more time over there. Her friends flew out on the 30/1/17. 

I’m to download Whatsapp so we can contact each other since her SIM card only have data. Have got her to print out her itinerary already so I think we are set.

One thing for sure it’s hard having a kid with my attributes. I just worry more as I know what I’m like. 

Fingers crossed she’ll make it back in one piece . I’ve been comforting myself that it is only Japan and Korea two relatively safe countries and that she’s travelled with us since she was only 5-6 years old so she’s well travelled just not by herself.