Our staff toilet this afternoon 

It’s like a makeshift storeroom more than where we go to relieve ourselves.

See that huge steam cleaner? It’s like 21 years old as we got it to steam clean the carpet when the kids came along and made a mess. 

Now it’s used to unblock the loo . Who the hell in their right mind would steal the thing ? 

Yet instead of being outside it’s stored inside.

And this is not the worse state that it is in as I already tidied up some this morning as I couldn’t squeeze through to go take a leak. It’s not like I’m that big either? 

So once hubby left for badminton this afternoon I rounded up the kids to help me carry the glass shelves out to the carport.
It was back breaking work as we could only carry 2-3 at a time. They were quite heavy being 1200mm long about 300mm wide and 8-10mm thick. 

We had about 120 of them to carry out. After an hour 20 minutes later we did it. And just in time too as hubby walked through the door about 5 minutes after? 

Too late now, when there’s a will there’s a way. He knows not to mess with me because out of the two of us I’m much more stubborn than he is. 

Look at all that room!!