Looks like it’s a tight fit. My dilemma now is nowhere for the microwave. 

The wall cabinets are only 300mm deep. The smallest microwave needs 342mm .

If we pop it on the bench there’s no room for the staff to sit 😩 

I can’t hook it anywhere as people will bump their head 😩

I’m about to chuck it all in a heap😩

So bloody tight. It’s impossible 😩
The two options I can think of is some sort of narrow bench for them to have lunch perpendicular to the main bench .

Or the microwave going on a trolley. 

After deliberating for hours I’ve made up my mind.

Buying a Sharp microwave , smallest size. 

Then off to IKEA to buy this trolley

A bit pricey but looks like that wine rack thingy can come off. Thus the microwave can be housed under on the middle shelf. 

The top can be used as a dish rack . 

The drawer a cutlery drawer . 

I can pop it next to the sink and it won’t get in anyone’s way. Problem solved. 

And it’s my bedtime. Nice not having to worry about getting up for work.