What did I do today?

Woke up early . Had breakkie and went into the business to catch up.

Still not done . 

Then I went home sort out the clothes. Went underneath the house to look for the shelvings .

Saved $89 today as remembered I bought these years ago when we first moved in. 

I’m hoping to move the crap down to the hidey hole to sort them out. So much crap in there. Which means these shelvings will be redundant. 

After that went and had a shower then went out. 

Thought that IKEA and The Good Guys were in the same place and so thought I could kill two birds with the one stone . Nope it wasn’t meant to be. 
Went to IKEA to buy my stuff then went to Chaddie for lunch. Food court crap. 

After that I went to buy the microwave. Came home to put the trolley together .

My son helped until he got bored .

By the time I’ve finished it was around 5ish. So got changed and caught the train to grab groceries .

Got to Box Hill all the groceries were closing shop and I just couldn’t be bothered. Crowds everywhere, last minute rush. 

Phone home to ask my son to pop on some rice and bought take away instead for dinner , roast duck, soft tofu with medleys of mushrooms and broccoli, eggplant and pork mince hot pot and BBQ pork for jaffles tomorrow .

The supermarket had lychee so bought some and bananas for school lunch. 

After dinner I washed up. Then I started on the fridge.

It’s nearly done . Only got the crisper to go. Tomorrow I’ll go groceries shopping and cook something nice. 

Remember the towel rail? Hubby found one of those Allen key screw so off it went . I started unscrewing the hand rail as hubby didn’t want it off citing it’s not in anyone’s way. 

I did okie with 4 screws , had to hand over to hubby to do the last two. 

Just noticed he’s taken that piece of laminated timber off without me telling him to .May be he’s worried I’ll wear out the screw heads 😂

The base is in. I’m loving the colour. 

The bench top has a coat of clear sealer on it. The sink will now be an overmount as advised by the plumber . 

I’ll have to thank him as that sink cut out looks awful with burnt marks and scratches.

I’ve bought two rails , 10 hooks and a drainer for the kitchenette.

How cute is this drainer? A bit pricey at $30 didn’t realise until I got to the car. 

I think I’m sorted . Will show hubby where to hang the wall cabinets as I need enough clearance for the drainer. And then my job is done . 

This designer is retiring 😊