Had a lovely chat with Aubergine this morning . It’s been awhile. We don’t catch each other unless I’m up early.

Time difference. It’s 6am here and 2pm there . Must be his lunch break.

He told me his daughter got engaged and is now in NYC. I told him mine is in Korea traveling .

He gave me his email so I can send him my recipes.

We used to chat day and night. It got so bad he said to me one day I feel like I talk to you more than I talk to my wife.

Now we chat twice a year? Once on my birthday and once on his. I forgot this year so wished him a belated one.

I did remember on the day and somehow forgot just as quick.

He told me I should visit my sister. She’s in NYC. I think he wants me to visit him.

It’s been 6 years now. Our little park.